Jared Schelfhout

Jared Schelfhout

Founded in 2014, Northern Spark Solar is owned and run by local Perth electrician Jared Schelfhout.

Born and raised in Perth, Jared brings a fresh approach to green energy living. He looks forward to a future where all homes are being run via renewables like solar. Fully licensed and accredited, Jared is passionate about contributing to an environmentally conscious city of solar energy run homes and buildings. Jared is a fully qualified electrician with a vast array of knowledge and experience across all things electrical, particularly within the solar industry.

Jared has been working within the Solar industry for a number of years now and knows exactly what kind of solar install would suit you best. Fully trained in battery installation, Jared and Northern Spark will provide you with the tools your home needs to store energy collected from the sun and in turn use this stored power during the night.

Two storey with almost a steeple type roof – no problem for Jared and Co! We’d got a quote from another mob for more than twice the price 4 years ago and even then the guy was going to install the panels on the single storey garage roof (in the shade) – I guess it was easier! Jared was a problem-solving beast, installing some of the panels landscape instead of portrait profile to maximise the panels on the roof. Looks so classy. Thanks Northern Spark!

Jacquie Schelfhout

Northern Spark Solar installed a 5 KW system in mid September. They were very efficient, worked hard and installed complete system in 1 day. Clean tidy job. It is producing 26KWH a day in early Spring, so should pay for itself in less than 3 years, especially with projected energy increases. A happy customer. Thanks Jared.

Martin Morgan

Jared did a fantastic job on rewiring our house, an old post-war character home with a wiring system full of character but pretty ordinary in terms of being legal and safe! Many thanks to Northern Spark Electrical for doing such a thorough job – pleasantly and willingly solving tricky problems, making sure the wiring meets all safety standards and legal requirements – AND keeping keeping the cost DOWN. Plus we knew exactly when Jared was coming and going. Full marks on all fronts from the Grant family (including the dog) in Mt Hawthorn.

Liz Grant

Jared did such a great job fixing up our place for a rental, we then got him to come do the work at our own house. Cheers!

Emma Stevenson